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by Impish

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Broken 02:59
Fantasy is the story of me, living in dreams, the lost generation walks off a cliff, no identity; nobody knows what this feels like. Broken pieces of you and me. We just adopt a hand-me-down society, just cliché thoughts, no use in reality. “They’re a useless bunch,” that’s what they say but I’ve got my proof, believe in today. Broken pieces of you and me. - Croe
The Uprising 02:54
They tell you who you are, they tell you how to dress, they tell you when to breathe, you gotta be like the rest. Now what do you believe or do you even think? Maybe all rules are not what you think. I won’t waste my time with that shit. I wanna be the anarchy. They said Nirvana’s bad, they confiscate your tapes, but that’s all bullshit from some religious apes. I won’t waste my time with that shit. I wanna be the anarchy. -Croe
Groo 03:27
Makes me wanna cry, the way we treat each other, why is it so hard to see past our selves? Why do we fight these wars? Where did we lose compassion? Where have the flowers gone and what have we become? This is my plea to all mankind, this is my plea to rulers of nations, this is my plea to all mankind: a better world is possible but it starts with you and me. Why do we kill ourselves? It makes me wanna cry when I come to the ugly feeling you won’t change. You don’t care that I’m dying, you just wanna use me, well I’m not your whore, what have we become? - Croe
I can tell by looking at you I’ll never do the things you do, I can tell by watching you, you’re so confused! You’ll never learn. Girls and guys think they’ll score but look what happened to old snarf bor, chased girls around but now no more: a broken dick, hand so sore. You’ll never learn.
Emo Kid 02:50
Cheer up emo kid, don’t make me want to cry, cheer up emo kid, just those girls all go by you. I know you miss those long walks on the beach, and you remember the time you wrote her name in the sand, don’t tell me about your broken heart, a better girl will come along sometime yeah. I know you miss the way she touched your face and you remember all those punk rock show you both went to, don’t tell me about your broken heart, a better girl will come along sometime yeah. -Croe
People die everyday, not like this but other ways and now you want to go to war, it’s something not worth fighting for. Now you wave your fucking flag, all that bullshit makes me gag, you fucking think you’re the best, the leader of the goddamned West. They don’t care about your liberties, they don’t care what you’ve got, they just hate, we all hate and everybody hates your fucking policies, fuck you!
Time Bomb 02:33
Everything I own is scattered on my floor, everything I own I won’t need anymore, there’s no sense in trying to turn the world around, I’ll just try to get myself unwound. What the fuck am I to do? Mom and dad won’t understand when I say I’m living in a time bomb waiting to explode. I can’t figure it out, no I don’t care anymore, tell me what it’s about, and I’m tired of being bored. -Croe


Here’s a little band history for those of you who weren’t around at the time. Impish started in about January or February of 2001 when Croe, Gearz and Fingaz (aka Andrés) started writing some silly pop punk songs in Croe’s garage. We also did some punk covers of old songs like California Dreaming and Stepping Stone. We had our first gig at a Rosslyn Youth Rally in front of a bunch of critical high school kids. From then we went on to play at different places like the Village Market pool bar, Pavement, Archivo’s and most recently Camp David Club. As is usually the case with DIY punk shows, there weren’t very many people at the shows but the people who did come were great. Impish played shows from about March till August 2001, at which point, Gearz and Croe went to college and uni but they came back at Christmas to play at the infamous show that happened at the unfinished movie theatres at VM. In 2002 they came back during the summer and initiated ‘the summer of youth,’ a series of shows and happenings around the DIY rock scene in Nairobi. We made t-shirts, patches, pamphlets and a compilation CD to sell at the shows and I still see a couple kids sporting Impish t-shirts around Nairobi. At one show we even had kids come up and ask for our autographs! We went through a number of bass players after Andrés was quit. We did some recording over the summer too with our bassist at the time, Klondike Mike, We did a show at Pavement at one point (Marian was our bassist at the time) and we recorded it. We are releasing that recording as an album too.
Thanks to everyone who helped us out with this album and everyone who was/is involved in building the DIY rock scene here in Nairobi. Props to everyone who’s started a band here, it’s a lot harder than in the US or Europe, keep up the hard work and have fun doing it like we did. Those were some of the best times we ever had. Last but not least, thanks to anyone who’s ever been to one of the rock shows here, that’s what it’s about.


released August 20, 2017

See attached literature pdfs

Talal ‘Croe’ Cockar: Guitar & Vox
Harvey ‘Gearz’ Herr: Drums, Vox, Guitar, & Bass
Klondike Mike: Bass
Andreas ‘Fingaz’ Barbe: Bass
Tom ‘Gazo’ Herr: Bass
Nor Friesen: Keys
Toke Moljberg: percussion
Marian: Guitar


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Impish Nairobi, Kenya

a skate punk rock band from Kenya in the early days '01 to '03
The first band on BKSP and a pioneer of the DIY rock scene in Nairobi.


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